RISE Teen Ministry

RISE Teen Ministy is a unique worship experience geared towards youth and young adults. RISE consists of live visual dramas, live gospel performances, dance performances, free giveaways, youthful praise and worship, practical teachings, testimonies, fellowship, and much more…all in an upbeat and exciting atmosphere. Living as a teen in today’s world can be filled with a diversity of challenges. This class is dedicated to help youth overcome the adversity they may encounter. Teens are trained in the area of goal setting, character development, moral issues, music, appropriate attire, self esteem building and much more.

Our number one purpose for RISE. events is to lead as many young people to Christ as possible! The reason for the name RISE comes from Psalms 94:16 and Psalms 9:9-10. God is our refuge from the sin pain and destruction of the world. So the answer is to RISE. As disciples this is a call to action to stand up and “be the light that God intended us to be” and proclaim a message of hope where there is none. There is such a hunger for true acceptance, love and peace in the world today but when we allow the embrace of the Father God to take over, true refuge is found.

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