Kathy Shorter

PastorMrsShorter-3[1]Kathy Shorter’s passion for people was shaped by God’s early intervention and orchestration of her life beginning as a child and is described in The Kids With Big Dreams Story.   She was born to a (widowed) single mother who escaped from communist East Germany; and was considered homeless and stateless. Her biological father was an African American military soldier whom she has never met.  Kathy was adopted away as an infant and does not remember ever seeing her biological parents, though she has longed to see and meet them.  Kathy’s true life story of being one of the “Brown Babies” of Germany, from the post WWII era, is a touching true account of triumph in the midst of betrayal, disappointment and distress.  Recently, her fascinating Life Story became the main subject of aresearch for a documentary film maker based in  New York and German working on a documentary film of the “Brown Babies of the War” commissioned by three European and French television networks. For Kathy the search continues as she is presently attempting  to make contact with any part of her biological East German family roots that are being identified through the research done so far by the network genealogical researchers as her life story continues to evolve.  Her story recounts her triumph over real life experiences, and has served in an enormous way as common ground to captivate audiences whenever she speaks.  Her training and experience has assisted her in helping to counsel many children and families dealing with the stresses and distresses of family and military family separations including PTSD.  It was through this true story, in the midst of shame, that Kathy’s destiny to impact millions of people around the world with encouragement and exhortation was birthed.  As she shares her story with compassion to the hearts of many people of all walks of life, they are touched in a special way helping to turn the hearts of the father’s to their children.

Kathy has lived in Europe,  Okinawa, Japan, the San Francisco Bay area, and the Northwestern United states.  She has traveled and spoken in the Philippines, Germany, Canada, and the East Coast of the United States of America, as well as at the West Point, New York, officer-in-training Military Academy; giving her the ability to relate to people of various backgrounds and cultures comfortably.

Kathy’s sincere passion for helping hurting children and families has helped her to become an inspirational and motivational Life Coach for many, and has served as the catalyst for igniting several nonprofit corporations she has founded.  She is the founder of Kids With Big Dreams – a program assisting children with self esteem building, educational skills, etc.; First Lady Boutique a program providing professional clothing for women re-entering the workforce, and Single Mothers with Purpose, assisting single mothers with lifestyle success skills.  In 1999, Kathy founded The Fat Free Lifestyle, a nutrition and weight loss plan, designed to help women with a total transformation: body, soul, and spirit, she is the President of Shorter’s Enterprises Incorporated, a for profit corporation.  She is a certified Fitness and Nutrition Trainer, and has a degree in counseling, and is a Board Certified Counselor and Life Coach.

Kathy Shorter is a playwright, producer, and director.  Her intriguing stage productions, have become signature performances.  Kathy is the author of several books including; Guard Your Heart (forward written by Dr. Betty Price), Living In The Kingdom of God, Coming Out Of Egypt and Desperate Dieters.

Kathy host a weekly television program along with her husband of over 42 years, Pastor Donald Shorter Sr.  They have appeared throughout the United States and Canada on their television program entitled “Don And Kathy Live!”.  They are also guest hosts on The Trinity Broadcasting Network; they have appeared on the DayStar Television Network, and have been featured weekly on The Word Network worldwide as well.

Kathy is a highly sought after conference and seminar speaker.  Her riveting and heart gripping testimony, along with her soul piercing conviction for using the God’s word to encourage people to live life to the fullest.

Kathy Lynette Shorter is a gifted, compassionate and dynamic woman of God.  She is an ordained minister, and she also assist her husband with his pastoral duties at Pacific Church.  She ministers the gospel in a practical, uncompromising, down-to-earth, and powerful way.  She genuinely wants to see those that are captives go free, which is evident when she ministers.

Kathy is a loving and devoted mother that has consistently balanced her ministry calling, and marriage to make sure she has been intensely involved in the lives of her family.

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