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Every week America is losing more and more local churches.   There are a litany of reasons for what is happening in many cities, but some churches are simply dissolving due to the lack of having a place to worship.  Or if they have a place of worship the pastors are too burdened down with the debt of the church building due to the changing economy and society in most situations.   Every vital church should have a paid off building…mortgage money should be turned into ministry money.

Acquiring a place of worship is without a doubt the number one concern for most pastors. You need a place for the people…a sheep fold…”The House of God.” A place that is the training ground for God’s army, a place that is a refuge for the hurting, a place where people can go and get help for their marriage, a place where relationships are built and a place where relationships can be restored. It’s a place where people can come together for a common purpose and become a part of a larger family…the family of God. It’s a place where children can learn and sing about Jesus and build lasting memories and friendships throughout their childhood years while at the same time being taught to be good citizens to have morals and integrity and to increase in knowledge and understanding.  It’s a place where in a time of desperation a person can turn to the church for hope and encouragement.  And most importantly, it’s a place where people can hear the Word of God (the Bible) being preached in an uncompromising way; that Word that can save souls and make them whole again.

The vision of this funding project, “The House of God” is to encourage people, especially the body of Christ to come together so that pastors and their congregations can freely and more effectively serve the pressing needs in their local communities and no longer serve a building debt. By helping congregations to become debt free; we together can enable many churches to devote more time and attention to preaching the gospel to a hurting and dying world and to serve their communities with various outreaches in an excellent fashion.

“Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common…and great grace was upon them all. Nor was there anyone among them who lacked;…” read Acts chapter four verses 32-37.

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That is our God given vision:



My name is Donald Shorter Sr., my wife and I, and our two daughters were moved by God to start a church in the living room of our home in Puyallup, Washington, (just outside of Seattle) several years ago.  As the church continued to grow, eventually we could no longer meet in our home, so we met in a restaurant, and then we moved to a school and to other facilities to effectively help with the growing urgent needs of our congregation as we continued to serve the community on a daily basis.  After moving from several locations in 2002, Pacific Christian Center (our church) completed construction of our brand new sanctuary located on eight plus acres of property next to the freeway in Tacoma, Washington, valued at over $6 million dollars at the time.  However, in 2007 the Great Recession hit and church property values plummeted all over the nation (including ours), and with church property values being drastically devalued, as a congregation we were no longer able to refinance our church mortgage, (the church’s Loan To Value ratio on our property no longer made us qualified).  You see, many church mortgage loans have a five, seven or 10 year call on them, (unlike residential home mortgages that can have up to 30 year term) therefore, churches must be refinanced every five years or so.  It is because of these type of loans that churches desperately need to pay off their buildings quickly, especially in this unstable economy and world system.  At that time in our nation’s history, and sadly, for the first time in the United States, many banks simply stopped loaning money to many churches as well and called their loans due.  So, beginning in 2007, for first time in American history, due to the great recession, many congregations began to lose their “Houses of God” to debt.  Just when people needed hope the most, too many churches were put into a position of facing a financial challenge due to the economy nationwide. And many churches are still trying to recover from this devastation.  By 2011, due to the reduced property values on church properties nationwide; our congregation was caught up in this whirlwind as well. Though we qualified other wise to refinance the church building, the “Loan-To-Value” simply was not there any longer to refinance due to the dramatic change in the economy, and we became renters of the building we built.   But against all odds, our congregation stood the test of time and fought and believed together through the many storms and humiliations to become owners of our own property once again, we believed for a miraculous change and we got it!  We came through this with a $3.7 million dollar CANCELLATION OF DEBT.  It was and is a miracle!

IT WAS A MIRACLE given to us BY HAVING FAITH IN GOD and by the people of God coming together with a common purpose gave our church the favor to receive the manifestation of what we needed to finalize ownership once again.  But a vision was given to me by God after going through this challenge, the vision to encourage and help as many congregations as possible that may be facing this same challenge we once experienced. And so this exciting crowd funding project was started which is called, “The House of God.”  Yes, we are still rejoicing over our great victories including the $3.7 million miracle DEBT CANCELLATION on our church building, and now we are in the final stages of paying off the last amount of our church mortgage debt on our “House of God.” We are reaching out to you to become a part of this miracle. That’s the vision…to give people like you that care about God’s purpose on this earth an opportunity to be a blessing, not only to us, but in reality when you help us reach our goal; we are committed to return the favor to another church.  And then that church will be committed to help another church, etc.  When we come together the impossible can happen. Will you help us to pay off the remaining mortgage on our “House of God?” Will you give a generous donation today?  Once our mortgage is paid in full, we have made a commitment to help pay off another churches mortgage, but before we make that commitment to another church, that church must make a commitment to do the same and on and on this will continue.  The body of Christ coming together not just by words but by deeds churches can turn mortgage money into ministry money…helping to meet the needs of people they serve as well as the needs in the community.  We believe within six months and we can do this together.

Thank you in advance for making a generous donation today to help us reach our debt free goal, and as we also begin to financially assist other churches through this crowd funding web site to do the same.

A Luke 1:37 state… with GOD NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE and God uses people to help to do the impossible.  With that scripture the vision for “The House of God” was birthed.

Help us to write the rest of the story of “THE HOUSE OF GOD” with your generous donation and help us to go even beyond our goals to inspire, encourage, build up and free up congregations, pastors and church leaders everywhere, as we join together to help to make the houses of God free of their mortgages, one donation at a time.  Remember… with GOD NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE!

Let’s get ready to celebrate together once we reach our goal.  And then let’s get ready to celebrate again and again as others reach their goals.
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Pacific Christian Center Inc. is a registered 501 c-3 non-profit organization recognized by the IRS, all gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you and God Bless You.
Pastor Donald Shorter Sr., Founder
Pacific Christian Center Church